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Client Recommendations

Here are what some of our clients have said about working with us.

Abbey Cook Project Date: December 2016

We took on the renovation of a 125 year old, 5000 sq. ft. home, and have been so fortunate to have Peter Sach’s guidance at every step of the way. We chose him because he has a reputation for integrity, and a great deal of experience in rehabilitating antique homes. We have been so pleased with his creativity and responsiveness to our ideas and budget. He developed elegant plans for each of the four floors that are sensitive to the history and setting of the home, but that greatly enhance its beauty and functionality. We were particularly struck by his focus on the quality and direction of ambient light, and how he could optimize that in his planning.
He also works collaboratively with our builder and subcontractors, the town permitting offices and Preservation Commission to keep our project moving smoothly forward. A word about his staff – they are very efficient and have helped to make our process as smooth as possible. We are amazed to see new life being breathed into an old Victorian beauty, thanks to Peter’s design ability, attention to detail and tireless effort.
We highly recommend Peter Sachs, he is outstanding, and a pleasure to work with.

J K Project Date: November 2016

We were so incredibly impressed with Peter from the start of the project to the finish. We attached our 95 year old house to our detached garage creating a large mud room and immensely improving the flow of our home. He worked closely with us to develop a design that was both functional and aesthetically stunning. His design was so creative and but yet still honored the vintage of our home. Throughout the process, Peter was responsive, meticulous and honest. Our renovation project exceeded even our tough standards and we have recommended him to several friends that are planning projects in the future.

Terry Newth Project Date: October 2016

We have had a great experience with Peter. Our project had some unique attributes and Peter and his team thoughtfully designed a space that preserved the integrity of the existing home while improving on its functionality. His vision is what separates him from the pack.

Finelli Building Project Date: September 2016

I had the pleasure of working with Peter for an addition/renovation project in Newton, Ma. His plans were accurate and complete. This enabled the permitting process to be smooth and effortless along with the construction being able to move quickly and at a consistent pace. Peter was always available during the construction process and quick to act on any changes made, along with inspections as required. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Peter and his Staff again!

30lake Project Date: September 2016

Peter Sachs was recommended to us by friends who recently worked with him on a major renovation of their home. We loved everything about their project, especially the seamless transition between the older and newer elements of their charming historic West Newton home. When we discovered Peter was also the architect who designed the master bedroom/bathroom suite addition in our home (years before we owned it) we took it as a sure sign that we should hire him to design a new kitchen/eating/living area for us. Peter and his team have been everything we hoped they would be: professional, flexible, innovative, and dedicated.

Louisa West Project Date: September 2016

When you decide on working with an architect you have an idea in your head, a dream of what you want your project to provide. But the path to taking that dream from an idea to reality is a complete mystery. Peter was our guide. He helped take our ideas, sprinkled in some reality and built a project that is going to change our lives. Not only does Peter provide great council, help shape your ideas, and build out detailed plans, he also works the city systems, processes and rules. Peter has a great network and knows all the right people. I could not recommend an architect that is easier to work with, a pleasure to be with, and one that gets the job done.

Maria Conroy Project Date: August 2016

Peter and his team were terrific to work with on our house renovation project. Peter walked us through the process of determining what we really wanted to achieve in the project and then really listened to us and he and his team designed a house that will work perfectly for our family. Now, we are a month away from moving in and we couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Peter Sachs Architect.

Linda Gillespie Project Date: June 2016

Peter designed a beautiful and highly functional kitchen, family room and mudroom addition at the back of our house and helped us worked through all sorts of design, permitting and construction issues throughout the process and was a great resource. Everyone he referred us to was top notch. I recommend Peter and his team very highly.

Margaret Spence Project Date: June 2016

We’ve been working with Peter on our old-house renovation. It’s been a real pleasure. He came up with a plan that not only works, but provides more than we could have imagined within the available space.
Peter’s good natured manner makes him a joy to work with.

Mike Stuchins Project Date: June 2016

From the second Peter Sachs entered my project, I knew he was the man for the job. His knowledge of the city zoning and historical commission as well as my house and the neighborhood were impressive out of the gate. He was happy to share ideas as we walked the lot and what I found was the Peter cared about the project and making it come to life and also how his design decisions impacted me financially.

Prior to meeting Peter, I had already interviewed two other architects. The energy and enthusiasm that Peter shared for my project gave me comfort that I had found the right person to help me and it made my decision that much easier. In addition, Peter had an idea that nobody else had thought of which was to attach a 2 car garage addition off the side of the house rather than the rear of the house where the existing curb cut was. In doing so, it is my belief that Peter’s design is far superior, will save me money due to much of the existing house being kept intact but also creating a plan that will improve the resale value.

Other benefits I’ve found in working with Peter are as follows:
1) His staff is excellent
2) Peter listens. When you have an idea that is practical and makes sense he’ll bring that into the plan
3) Peter and his staff do what they say they are going to do. When he tells you you’ll have plans by a certain date, you’ll have them.
4) Peter facilitates the entire permitting process from beginning to end
5) His ability to design new architecture with old is impressive. This project was for a house that was built in 1912 so keeping the historical and architectural integrity of the house was important, to both me and the city.
6) Peter has a high level of professionalism, knowledge of architecture and building and his quality of work and level of detail are best in class.

Ultimately, Peter Sachs Architect has been outstanding and I feel strongly that I’ve got the best possible plan for my home and I have Peter to thank for that. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking to get the best quality design with the highest level of professionalism and no nonsense in between. Thanks Peter Sachs Architect!

Darren Abrahamson Project Date: April 2016

Project Price: more than $100,000
Peter did a fantastic job designing a large addition to our home that created a beautiful new space while retaining all the elements of our original construction look and feel.

Jeffrey Lockhart Project Date: April 2016

Peter was a true pleasure to work with. His interpersonal skills combined with his strong knowledge of local zoning regulations really enabled him to help provide us with a design that exceeded our expectations.

Laura Zimmerman Project Date: March 2016

Peter Sachs worked with me to create exactly the house that I envisioned. This was a challenging job, as the space for the home was limited and Peter was able to include everything that I requested. I feel that he understood my aesthetic immediately and very rapidly produced plans for the house. He also helped me through the process of working with the town zoning board. Finally, Peter’s team is lovely and very capable. I would work with Peter again without hesitation.

Andy Sucoff Project Date: January 2016

We met Peter at a point when we were frustrated with an architect trying to have us build the taj mahal for our small kitchen renovation and peter came up with innovative and wonderful solutions that were cost effective and appropriate. We subsequently used him to design an entire renovation project and will continue to use him. Nice guy creative and cost effective.

Pete Cheslock Project Date: April 2016

We initially worked with Peter to help us plan an addition to our 1870’s Queen Anne victorian home. We originally were going to build a connected garage and add on to the home, and it was important that the addition retained the original look of the home. Peter was fabulous working with us thru many, many iterations and designs. Even going above and beyond to show us 3D renders to really help sell us on his plans. When we ran into troubles with the local city ordinance laws, and found a new law passed which affected our renovation, he worked with us to redesign keeping our goals in mind. He then worked to eventually overturn that ordinance and not cause other homeowners to get caught up in it. He continues to be an asset throughout the building process even helping us visualize house colors for us.

Alex Aber Project Date: September 2015

Peter Sachs and his team were incredible to work with: they were creative, thoughtful and responsive. They listen well and really zeroed in on solving the problems presented by our project. Their design process ensured that our aesthetic sense was well reflected in the scheme, but made better by their perspective and done so with creative, cost-conscious solutions. I would work with Peter again in a heartbeat.

Leigh Project Date: July 2015

Peter provided ideas, designs and working drawings for a kitchen/family room complete renovation in our 1920s Colonial, including recommendations for through-house air conditioning and other improvements to the rest of the first floor. Peter is collaborative, creative, attentive, and diligent, extremely professional. He has done an excellent job making helpful contributions and keeping the work on schedule and on budget. Thrilled with the results!

Rddemont Project Date: March 2015

We asked Peter to provide a number of different options (and budgets) for a substantial remodel. Ultimately he came up with a wonderful plan that we’d never have conceived of ourselves.

He has continued to work with us (and the General Contractor) during the renovation to ensure that the project goes as originally conceived.

I would highly recommend Peter – his services have been wonderful and he’s is a very nice person as well.

Lgoldilox Project Date: March 2015

I have worked with Peter Sachs on several projects from bathroom and kitchen renovations to building a house. Perhaps that is the best thing I can say about Peter. The first project we did together was such a great experience, I wanted to work with him again. And again. I found Peter to be very enjoyable to work with. He listens to you as the homeowner and is respectful of your wishes, ideas and interests. He is not designing for himself – he is designing for you. He is knowledgeable and professional. His whole team is great to work with. I have nothing but the highest praise for Peter Sachs.

rjgallerani Project Date: January 2015

I have worked with peter for over 20 years.
He has provided plans and design work for 90 percent of my projects over the past 20 years.
He has a great eye for what the house needs.
He provides great customer support.

<5>Ediemayorelish Project Date: January 2015

Peter provided my project (a redesign of the second and third floor) with great vision and his plan to open the space to the natural light was fantastic. We are very happy with the results.

Suemiller2 September 2014

Peter was responsive to our project requests and created a home that is functional yet with beautiful details and are proud to call home!

Steve Gordon Project Date: August 2014

I had a prior working relationship with Peter on several smaller renovation projects, so I knew he was both professional and knowledgeable about design and the meticulous (often tedious) building process in my town. After a discussion about my vision for my new house and my values to be environmental as well as practical, he developed a wonderful building design that reflected my values, vision and sensibilities. His recommendations from building materials to picking a quality builder were incredibly helpful. It has been a pleasure working with him on my new house construction.

Aron Ain Project Date: July 2014

Peter worked closely with us to re-imagine and design parts of our 100 year old home. We renovated and enlarged the kitchen, added several new bathrooms, added a family room, replaced a detached garage with an attached garage, and many other items. Now that the work is done, people who visit our house cannot tell which part is the old part and which is the new part. This was one of our goals. Everything new blends nicely with everything old. Peter also helped us think about what was missing from the original house in terms of living space and worked with us to made changes/additions that enhanced our living experience. We can recommend Peter without hesitation.

Hesussman Project Date: June 2014

Peter’s work exceeded our expectations. We’ve referred him to a number of our close friends following our experience. His design was better than we could have imagined and he was integral in helping us through the permitting and building phases. He is a true professional who excels at his craft. We loved the experience of working with him and would not hesitate to do it again.

Druckerdeb Project Date: May 2014

As a local realtor I regularly refer clients to Peter Sachs Architect. Peter’s knowledge of the zoning laws, his professionalism and his responsiveness as well as his intelligence make him a pleasure to work with. He understands how to create bright, beautiful spaces that best serve the needs of his clients. I speak from experience, as I’m also a client, having enlisted Peter to help enlarge and redesign my deck. His design was perfect and I now have the entertaining space of my dreams!

Taitailee Project Date: May 2014

Our house is 120 yrs. old Victorian that needed a total “gut” renovation. Peter worked with us in all phases: design, permitting, and construction. He was invaluable getting all structural aspect of the building up to date; plus coming up with a solution for a large grade change that required an engineered retaining wall and a below grade garage. I highly recommend Peter Sachs!

Kfshilling Project Date: January 2014

We worked with Peter on a large addition to our family home. Peter worked with us closely and listened to all of our ideas. He was able to provide us with a product that maximized the use of space and beautifully flowed with the existing home. Peter is also very familiar with presenting plans in front of historic committees and moving the permitting process along. This served to be invaluable in order to keep our project moving before the birth of our first child.

Encore Properties Project Date: January 2014

Peter has designed several projects for me. Two projects involved conversion of single family homes into side by side two unit condos. One of these involved joining an 1875 Victorian and its carriage house. He most recently designed a single family summer home for me on Cape Cod. Peter’s work is always creative, practical, and efficient.

Nielsendb Project Date: July 2012

Peter provided exactly the services I requested and given his background in construction he always took cost into account when suggesting changes. In addition, he worked very well with my contractor and was always respectful to myself and my family.

Chennessey42 Project Date: July 2012

Peter was wonderful to work with. Very personable and listened to our wants and needs. His design of the addition to the 1920 Colonial was fantastic! A beautiful blend of new and old.
I recommend Peter and his team.

Trudygood Project Date: May 2010

We were very pleased with Peter’s work and his relationship with us. Peter is an architect who is dedicated to helping families figure out how to make their current home better, rather than having to move to another house. He did this for us. He redesigned our back entry such that it is a couple of steps up to the kitchen or easy entrance down to the basement and family rec room. This is classic Peter Sachs. The guest room and bath are lovely with just the right coziness and detail to make it interesting. Mostly he gave the house flow, something that is usually lacking in the typical New England houses of the 20’s and 30’s. We arrived at this great end product because Peter listened to what we wanted and then designed with these priorities and improved on them with the design skills of a great residential architect.